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Butterfly Garden and Amphitheater

Interpretive Center Amphitheater

Interpretive Center Amphitheater

If you have time when you visit the Interpretive Center, please take the opportunity to walk around the Butterfly Garden established through a generous grant from the Boand Family Foundation.

This landscaped bluff area has been planted with a wide variety of native plants that are known to attract butterflies, primarily by providing the food eaten by the caterpillar. Some butterflies, such as the Painted Lady (Cynthia cardui) and the Common Hairstreak (Strymon melinus), utilize larval foodplants from several plant families. Others typically have specific plant species on which they lay eggs. For example, the Bernardino Blue (Shijimiaeoides battoides bernardino) lays its eggs on flower heads of Wild Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum).

The best time to see butterflies is spring/summer, though some may be seen year-round, particularly if the weather is mild.

Botanical markers are placed along the edges of the paths identifying plants, and check lists of butterfly species that might be seen in the garden are available for use.

The Butterfly Garden wraps around the amphitheater on the west side of the Interpretive Center building. This is a perfect setting for outdoor storytelling, and a great place to just sit on a log and admire the view. The amphitheater canopy was also provided by a generous generous grant from the Boand Family Foundation.