High School Field Activities

Outrigger Canoe/Land Program

Newport Bay Conservancy conducts an Environmental Education Program out of the Newport Aquatic Center for high school and college students.  Students spend a couple hours on the water in an outrigger learning about the Bay and frequent winged visitors and a couple hours on land learning about plants and the different habitats of the Upper Newport Bay.  Each year, roughly 1,000 students from 20 different schools participate.

For more information, see our Outrigger Interest Packet.

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Questions may be directed to Hilary Cunningham, Education Manager at hilary.cunningham@newportbay.org or 949-923-2269.

habitat walk

Back Bay Science Center

The Back Bay Science Center (BBSC) on Shellmaker Island is dedicated to educating students and public about our coastal resources, especially Upper Newport Bay. With few exceptions, BBSC focuses on 7th through 12th grade students for school programs. California Department of Fish & Wildlife staff, with the help of volunteers and interns, lead several hands-on activities focusing on topics like plankton, mud organisms, birds, and water quality. Teachers have the ability to modify these field trips to connect to topics learned in the classroom. There is no cost for the programs but schools must pay for their own transportation. For more information about educational opportunities at the BBSC, click here. If interested, please fill out a Facility Use Request Form and send it to Jene Dietz, Education Specialist, at jene.dietz@wildlife.ca.gov or call 949-640-9956.