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Teaching Lab

There are two classrooms in the Teaching Lab. The north classroom is a multi-purpose room that has several aquariums in which various different marine environments have been created, including a coastal tide pool, a sandy bay bottom, and a bay eelgrass bed. The aquariums contain fish and other marine creatures in their native settings. Various mounted birds and mammals are on display. Existing lab equipment allows the tiny plankton in the water samples taken from the Bay to be observed, videotaped and displayed on an overhead projector using a laptop computer. A high magnification microscope provides close up views of blood circulating inside fish and other wonders of marine life.

The intention is for the south classroom to be a fully-equipped high-school biology classroom. Unfortunately construction of the facility coincided with the dramatic worldwide escalation in the cost of concrete, steel and other building materials. As a result the BBSC was built, but there were insufficient funds to complete the outfitting and furnishing. DFW recently submitted a grant application to California State Parks to complete the work.