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Bobcats – Russ Kerr
Cormorant – Jeff Storey
Ospreys – DeeDee Gollwitzer
Black Skimmers – Russ Kerr
White Pelicans – Jeff Storey
Mallards – Russ Kerr
Cinnamon Teals – Russ Kerr
Western Sandpipers – Russ Kerr
Bay Winter High Tide – Matt Yurko
Bay Looking South – Roger Reinke
Bay Sunset at Jamboree – Russ Kerr
Bay Restoration – Bob Oberlin
Bay Salt Panne – Peter Bryant
Bay from Newport Valley – Russ Kerr
Bay Sunset over NAC – Jennifer Naegele

Slide Show Images:

2nd Annual Symposium Black Skimmer – John Avise
3rd Annual Sunset Celebration Sunset – Matt Yurko
Kayak Tour – Roger Mallett
Muth Interpretive Center – Roger Mallett

Plein Air Art Gallery – Judith Cameron, Louise Lopina,Roger Mallett
Maps and Directions – Roger Mallett
Share Your Photos – Jeff Storey

About Us
Our Vision – Russ Kerr
Our Volunteers – Bob Oberlin
Our Supporters – Sue Stoffel
Our Heritage – Roger Mallett
How You Can Help Us – John Scholl

The Bay
Overview – Irwin Haydock
Bay History – Bob DeRuff
The Robinsons- Jay Robinson
Ecology – Roger Mallett
Habitats – Roger Mallett
High Tide Habitat Map – Roger Mallett
Low Tide Habitat Map – Roger Mallett
Things to Do – Roger Mallett
Rules & Reg – Russ Kerr
Boating Limit Map – Roger Mallett
Bay Management – Roger Mallett

Description – OC Watersheds
Watershed Issues – Roger Mallett
Watershed Management – OC Watersheds
What is a TMDL? – Dave Meyer
Watershed Coordinator – Irwin Haydock
Desired State – Matt Yurko

Introduction – Russ Kerr
Plants – Peter Bryant
Invasive Species – Don Millar
What is that Flower – Dick Newell
Birds – Russ Kerr
Migration – Russ Kerr
Light-footed Clapper Rail – Russ Kerr
Osprey Update – DeeDee Gollwitzer
Successful Opsrey Nesting in 2006 – Russ Kerr
Mammals – Russ Kerr
Bobcat Primer – Russ Kerr
More on Coyotes – Russ Kerr
More on Raccoons – Russ Kerr
Amphibians & Reptiles – Barry Nerhus
African Clawed Frog – Peter Bryant
Insects – Peter Bryant
Butterfly Wings – Peter Bryant
Marine Life – Russ Kerr
Plankton and Algae – Russ Kerr
More on Plankton and Algae – Bill Messier
Marine Invertebrates – Peter Bryant
Filter Feeders – Peter Bryant
Eelgrass – Rick Ware
Sea Stars – Roger Mallett
Fish of Upper Newport Bay – John Scholl
California Halibut – John Scholl

Education Program Overview – John Scholl
Outreach Events – Roger Reinke
High School Canoe Program – Rita Phillips
Weekend Kayak Tours – Roger Mallett
The “Friends Tour” – Roger Mallett
Nature Walks and Classes – Bob Oberlin
Sharkmobile – John Scholl
Back Bay Science Center Programs – John Scholl
Interpretive Center Programs – Sue Stoffel
High School Field Activities – Matt Yurko

Our Stewardship Role – Matt Yurko
Adaptive Management – Russ Kerr
Community Based Restoration – Kristina Finstad
Other Service Activities – Lyndie Bradshaw
Native Plant Nursery – Matt Yurko

A Science Based Approach – Matt Yurko
Restoration Monitoring – Peter Ridley
Wildlife Monitoring – Don Millar
Marine Life Surveys – Bill Messier
Water Quality Testing – Roger Mallett
Sponsored Research – Rita Phillips
Symposia and Workshops – Adrienne Bosler

A Collaborative Effort – John Scholl
Department of Fish and Game – Roger Mallett
Orange County Parks – Roger Mallett
City of Newport Beach – Dave Meyer
California Coastal Commission – Matt Yurko
Newport Aquatic Center – Dave Meyer

Muth Interpretive Center
The IC – Roger Mallett
The Building – OC Parks
Exhibits and Displays – Roger Mallett
Butterfly Garden and Amphitheater – Roger Mallett
Donor Opportunities – Roger Mallett
Back Bay Science Center
The BBSC – City of Newport Beach
Outdoor Facilities – John Scholl
Teaching Lab – Rita Phillips
Funding Opportunities – Rita Phillips

Project Tracking – Peter Ridley
Army Corps of Engineers Project – Bob Oberlin
Big Canyon Project – Roger Mallett
West Bay Project – Roger Mallett

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