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Our Vision

The Newport Bay Conservancy (NBC) is the single organization focused exclusively on the conservation and restoration of Upper Newport Bay – one of the most precious natural resources in Southern California.

We organize community-based native habitat restoration and other service activities that involve the public and local businesses in the stewardship of the Bay.

We conduct various environmental education programs and nature tours for school and college groups and for the general public to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the Bay and increase their awareness of the role they play in protecting the environment.

We undertake and support science-based adaptive management for over a square mile of protected tidelands and uplands in the heart of Newport Beach.  This includes performing and sponsoring habitat and wildlife monitoring and research, implementing conservation projects, and providing information management services.  In addition, we advocate and help facilitate integrated, sustainable management of the 154 square mile area of central Orange County that drains to the ocean via the Bay.

By controlling sediment and improving water quality in the Upper Newport Bay, we help protect the commercial and recreational value of Newport Harbor and  beaches of Newport Beach.

Orange County is recognized as a globally important hotspot of biodiversity.  The Bay, as home to several of the region’s most productive ecosystems, contributes  to that diversity.

Our vision is that we will inspire the communities of our central Orange County watershed to work in harmony to enhance the natural beauty and ecological value of Upper Newport Bay and provide for the continued public enjoyment of this priceless resource.

Financial, practical, technical and influential support is critical as we strive to do what is best for the Bay, the watershed, the animals and the people.  Please help us achieve our vision.