Some Common Plants of Upper Newport Bay
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Upper Newport Bay Naturalists Training Manual

Web Pages:

The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California,

A comprehensive identification guide to nearly eight thousand native and naturalized California plants 


Comprehensive & searchable information on all 7,660 wild California plant species.
Southern California Wildflowers and Other Plants,
Michael L. Charters plant pictures and other information.

California Native Plant Society,

California Native Plant Society (CNPS) web site.
Orange County Chapter, California Native Plant Society,
California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Orange County web site.

Wildflowers of Southern California,

Photographs of wildflowers of the southern California chaparral, desert, mountains, and north coast by Barbara J. Collins, Ph.D. 

Photo Key to Identify Wildflower Species

Ken Bowles Photo Key to Identifying the Wildflowers of San Diego
Wildflower Identification Guide,

Sharon L. Nixon's Wildflower Identification Guide, Park Sierra (Coarsegold, CA)
Plants of Upper Newport Bay,
Robert De Ruff's  Upper Newport Bay Plant list
Date: 11/6/2005