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Watershed Symposiums

Symposium  Series #3: Science of Sustainability

Saturday, August 28, 2016
Back Bay Science Center
Gates open 8:30 a.m., Presentation 8:45 – 11:35 a.m., Poster Session 11:35 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Optional Afternoon Tours
Free parking, free admission
RSVP to mclemente@newportbeachca.gov
Speakers include:
Linda Chilton, USC SeaGrant
Richard Smart, Los Angeles Natural History Museum
Holly Fletcher and Sara Ludovise, Crystal Cove Alliance
Katie Kozma, ReefCheck, Orange County
Matt Yurko, California Coastal Commission, Community Based Restoration & Education Program
Michelle Clemente & Partners, Citizen Science Academy, Newport Beach Voyager Program

Symposium Series: Defining the Science of Sustainability
The Newport Bay Conservancy is embarking on a discussion about defining long-term sustainability for Newport Bay. We are hosting a series of four symposia to discuss this issue with the community, our membership and partner organizations. There are rapidly changing climate conditions that will affect this resource, and there are many overlapping policies and jurisdictions that govern it. Successfully managing this shared resource relies on identifying a basic common vision for a sustainable ecological condition. The four symposia in this series are designed to facilitate a discussion about different aspects of identifying such a vision.

Past Symposiums:
Symposium 1: Current Monitoring and Management Strategies (June 28, 2014): This symposium set the context for the later events, provided an overview of monitoring efforts and opportunities, and an introduction to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife habitat management planning framework and the marine protected area designation for Newport Bay. Presentations featured:

Debbie Aseltine-Neilson: Sr. Environmental Scientist—Marine Region, CDFW

Ken Schiff Presenting

Ken Schiff Presenting

Ken Schiff: Deputy Director, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

Erick Burres: Citizen Monitoring Coordinator, State Water Quality Control Board

Symposium  2: Approaches to Defining Ecological Sustainability (June 27, 2015): Presentations featured:

Jennifer Perry, Assistant Professor, Anthropology—California State University, Channel Islands
Long-Term Perspectives on Human-Environment Interactions in Southern California
Valerie Olson, Assistant Professor, Environmental Anthropologist—University of California, Irvine
Sustainability as a Cultural Concept
Krista Sloniowski, Watershed Coordinator, Newport Bay Conservancy
“The Newport Bay Watershed Idea Book—Planning the Future”

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