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Outdoor Facilities

Fish caught in bottom trawl

Fish caught in bottom trawl

The outdoor facilities include a dock and holding tanks used for studying marine life that is caught and released. Fish and other marine creatures are captured directly from the dock or by seines and trawls using the BBSC’s pontoon boat and/or 17ft Boston Whaler. Plankton tows are also performed. Rays and small sharks are often held in the marine holding tanks and children are given the opportunity to touch these beautiful creatures.

There is also an amphitheater and a set of trails linking education stations used for outdoor school, scout and other programs. A demonstration marsh was recently constructed and planted with native saltmarsh plants. Shellmaker Island is also the home of the ROOTS Program native plant nursery.

Note: A new dock and bulkhead are currently being installed. Work will be completed in April 2011. Until then Marine Life Inventories and other outdoor programs are on hold.