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A variety of unpaid internship options are available. Interns may join us as short-term volunteers and undertake one or more assignments shown in our Help Wanted List as being open to Associate Naturalists, or commit to a specific project in one of these fields as and when the need exists:

  • Graphics Art
  • Web Design and Update
  • Grant Writing
  • GIS Mapping
  • Curriculum Development and Education
  • Field Monitoring and Research.

Unless other criteria are established for a course credit internship in conjunction with a local college, interns are expected to commit to 4 hours per week for 12 weeks or equivalent.

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If you have any questions, please call (949) 923-2296.

Internships are also available directly through our partners at UNB, as indicated below.

Water Quality Laboratory Internships

Research projects are frequently undertaken at the Orange County Health Care Agency Water Quality Laboratory at the Back Bay Science Center that may provide opportunities for interns to gain experience in monitoring and analyzing water for biological or chemical indicators of water quality. Requirements for this position include experience and/or education in microbiology or other biological science, good oral and written communication skills, and ability to operate laboratory equipment following standardized analytical procedures. This is a part time, unpaid position. Hours/term vary depending on specific project needs. Please call (949) 219-0424 for more information.

California Coastal Commission Restoration Education Program Internships

The California Coastal Commission Restoration Education Program offers internships for course credit in conjunction with UCI Ecology Department and others. Please call (949) 640-0286 for more information.

Back Bay Science Center Internships, Community Service and Service Learning

In addition to internships, the Back Bay Science Center partners with Scout Groups, High Schools and other organizations to provide various Community Service and Service Learning opportunities, including Eagle Scout projects, and min-grant research projects. Please call (949) 640-9956 for more information.